Mal Deener

MSSC, Berkshire Hathaway Group

Dear Fellow NSSTA Members,

I am enthusiastically (really) running for a 4th term on NSSTA’s Board of Directors and ask for your support. I have been a member of NSSTA for most of my 37-year career. As a previous 3 term member of the board and past president (2004-2005), I feel my experience and commitment will be important to the trade association in these challenging and exciting times.

My experience in structured settlements has been on the life company side, having represented several great companies. BH management has acknowledged my role in encouraging them to re-enter the business in 2011, and it has been a great honor to represent them. As a market leader since 2012, BH has become a dedicated and influential life company and I continue to be proud of their commitment and of my role in shaping it. BH management’s support of my decision to run for another term is further proof of this commitment.

We face challenging times that no one has experienced. No doubt the pandemic has caused what many say is “the global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge since World War Two.” I am confidant however that as we did in previous difficult times, the industry will soon bounce back and be stronger than ever.

Representing our great industry and in particular, NSSTA, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. I have always strived to think and act in the best interest of both, and I hope you will agree my record stands for itself. If elected, I pledge to continue to work hard for you and to help grow this business.

I hope I can count on your vote.


Mal Deener, MSSC Berkshire Hathaway Group

My Experience in Structured Settlements

January 2013 to present – Berkshire Hathaway Group. National Sales Director, Structured Settlements. As part of a team that grew BH to market leadership, I continue to represent one of the most admired and respected companies in the world. When I introduce myself and tell people I work for Berkshire Hathaway, the first reaction is invariably one of respect. I can’t help but think this same feeling of respect helps brokers when they present Berkshire to their clients. I truly believe that BH’s dedication and reputation has helped the industry grow.

2010-2012 – Symetra Life. National Sales Manager. I was part of a team that grew Symetra to new premium levels. I learned valuable lessons in my 2 years there including an appreciation of the role of being with a smaller yet solid life insurance company. Symetra’s management supported my recommendation to reach out to Berkshire Hathaway, and in 2011 and 2012, the Symetra marketing team represented both BH and Symetra.

2001-2010 -Hartford Life- Western Region Sales Director. In 2003 Hartford asked me to move to California to market to brokers in the west and to help grow Hartford’s business. Ably assisted by a colleague in the Home Office, I am proud that the western region became Hartford’s leading territory. In addition to finding many aspects of living in California superior to my lifelong experience as a native of New Jersey, I learned valuable lessons at Hartford, including the value of P&C programs and their importance to the structured settlements process.

1979-2001 – MetLife- Vice President, Structured Settlements – I commuted by train to New York from the Jersey shore for 22 years. It was a 2 hour door to door commute that I surely don’t miss. That said, I continue to value my time with Met Life. In 1982 I was asked to help Met get into the new business of structured settlements. I became the National Sales Director and later was promoted to Vice President before accepting an early retirement package in 2001. Met became an industry leader in sales and I learned so many lessons about how the industry works. In addition to “cutting my teeth” in this great business, I learned to appreciate the importance and value brokers bring to the structured settlement process.

NSSTA Experience

1985 – attended the first major industry gathering in Houston, TX
1985 – Attended the “precursor to NSSTA” meeting that dealt with the 1985/1986 tax reform issue. Also attending were seven brokers (industry pioneers) and representatives from 2 other life companies.
1986 – Attended the 1st NSSTA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ
1986-Present – member of various committees and co-chaired or chaired several 2002-2006 – Member of NSSTA Board
2004-2005 – NSSTA President
2013-2016 – Member of NSSTA Board
2015- Awarded the MSSC Designation
2016-2019 – Member of NSSTA Board