Meet the Candidates

Election #1:

NSSTA Board of Directors Election for all eligible NSSTA Voting Members.

There are four open seats on the NSSTA Board of Directors.

NSSTA members should vote for no more than four of the candidates running for seats on the Board.

There are two open Life Company seats.  Because three life company representatives are running for election, the two with the most votes will automatically be elected, and the third will compete with the other candidates for the two At-Large seats.    

Election #2:

NSSTA Bylaw Election for all eligible voting organizational members.

There are two bylaws organizational voting members will be voting on. 

Voting opens at 11:00am EST on Wednesday October 21st, 2020 and closes on Friday October 23, 2020 at 10:00am EST.

If you are unable to locate your PIN, you may contact the help desk at For security purposes, the help desk will confirm your name, email address, and verify your eligibility prior to providing you with your PIN.

Mal Deener

MSSC, Berkshire Hathaway Group

Dear Fellow NSSTA Members,

I am enthusiastically (really) running for a 4th term on NSSTA’s Board of Directors and ask for your support. I have been a member of NSSTA for most of my 37-year career. As a previous 3 term member of the board and past president (2004-2005), I feel my experience and commitment will be important to the trade association in these challenging and exciting times.


Peter Early

A Vote For Passion and Strength!

As a long-time contributor to NSSTA and a supporter of NSSTA’s mission, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the NSSTA Board of Directors.  From the beginning of my professional career on Capitol Hill, I’ve learned firsthand how important committed advocacy from passionate members of an industry could be.  I support NSSTA in its entirety – from assisting with ground-level initiatives to putting my money where my mouth is an becoming a Leadership Circle contributor –  I believe that my passion for all that NSSTA represents can translate into initiatives that will not only strengthen NSSTA, but our position in Congress as well.


Tacker LeCarpentier


It is an honor and privilege to serve NSSTA and to run for a seat on the NSSTA Board of Directors. With over 28 years’ experience in litigation and settlement planning, I am uniquely qualified to take a further leadership role within our industry. Within NSSTA I have been an active member of the Legislative and Regulatory Committee for 10 years, and have served as Chair of Legs & Regs for two years. I have also regularly participated in our “Take the Hill” activities.


Randy Levine

ESS Settlement Services partnered with Sage Settlement Consulting

When making the decision to run for NSSTA’s Board of Directors, I considered what I could bring to the table to position our industry on the best possible trajectory. NSSTA’s board should represent a cross- section of our membership—plaintiff and defense brokers, former attorneys, life company representatives, industry stalwarts and industry neophytes. 


Greg Micoletti

I am honored to be considered to run for election to NSSTA’s Board of Directors. If elected, I will bring experience, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the board. I have a long history in the insurance industry in a variety of roles. I started my career at The Travelers right out of college. Prior to structured settlements, I worked in direct sales of Guaranteed Interest Contracts to large 401(k) plans and Funding Agreements to banks and mutual funds. In 1999, I moved over to the structured settlements team where I stayed until 2005, when I moved to AIG in the same capacity.


Henry Strong

Why I Stand for Election to NSSTA Board

Coming together in a formal way to look after our industry’s interests is one of the smartest things we ever did. It was also no small challenge, given that we work in an openly adversarial environment and our industry was historically marked by unequal opportunities and numerous obstacles. Nevertheless, come together we did, formalizing as an actual Association in 1985.


Ravi Vaswani

 2020 has reminded us that we can never get comfortable with the norms. To survive, we must constantly evaluate our ever-changing environment and continue to evolve. Leading organizations go one step further — they prepare for possible future scenarios. That is what we must do within the National Structured Settlements Trade Association.

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